Jaclynn Ashly

Occupied West Bank

A Palestinian family divided

The Tailakh family, like hundreds of thousands of others, has been split apart by the Israeli occupation.

Al Nakba

Nakba: 'It remains bitter and continues to burn'

A Palestinian elder recounts how the creation of Israel shattered his pastoral village life nearly 70 years ago.

Occupied West Bank

Palestinian women lead resistance in Budrus

Fighting back against Israel's incursions has become second nature for residents of the West Bank village.

East Jerusalem

Palestinians in East Jerusalem battle for their homes

Dozens of Palestinian families live with the constant threat of eviction by Israeli settler groups in the occupied city.

Occupied West Bank

Palestinian hip-hop group uses music as a weapon

Through its verses, Palestine Street expresses the frustrations of living under Israeli occupation.

Middle East

Sheikh Jarrah: When my enemy is my neighbour

In one East Jerusalem neighbourhood, settlers have been trying for years to drive Palestinians out, family says.