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Cannes welcomes Syrian refugee social media star

Mahmoud Bitar, who has hundreds of thousands of fans, participates in festival after a long journey from Aleppo.


Muslim teacher among dead in Brussels attack

Students and teachers mourn the loss of Loubna Lafquiri, a young mother of three, after she was killed on the metro.


Q&A: Marine Le Pen on France and Islam

Leader of far-right Front National discusses her party's position on security issues following the Charlie Hebdo attack.


Redefining the Holy City's past

Settlers seeking archaeological evidence to strengthen Israel's claim to Jerusalem.


On a mission to 'reclaim' Jerusalem

A settler tells Al Jazeera that Palestinians are living "illegally" on Israeli land.


Outcry over Silwan demolition plan

East Jerusalem Arabs face fines and eviction for living in "illegal structures".


World awaits Netanyahu speech

Israelis, Palestinians and the US want answers on settlements and two-state solution.


Holocaust row shrouds papal visit

Israeli-Vatican tensions set to dog pope's first visit to the Holy Land.


How the State of Israel came to be

From leaving Austria to arriving in Israel, one refugee traces 70 years of history.


Holocaust victims living in poverty

Israeli government urged to provide more support to elderly survivors.


Jerusalem: A divided city

Jacky Rowland on the city claimed by Palestinians and Israelis as their capital.

Middle East

Jerusalem families face eviction

Legal notice served on Palestinian families to recover land claimed by Israelis.