Jack Picone

War & Conflict

Rwanda: Capturing a vision of hell

The journey photojournalist Jack Picone took across a Rwanda in the grips of genocide still haunts him to this day.

Poverty & Development

Australia's aboriginals: When the river runs dry

Twenty years ago, Jack Picone photographed Nancy just after she was beaten. He wonders what has changed since.

Climate Change

Thailand's village of Samut Chin: Turning the tide

The Thai village of Samut Chin is drowning in an invading sea, with little stopping the advancing destruction.

Child rights

Taking on the bullies: 'I was pushed down the stairs'

Nine-year-old Sacha shares his experience of bullying and explains how he became an anti-bullying advocate.


The girl on the postcard

Long-necked Ma Da's image travels all over the world – while she lives as a refugee on the Thai-Myanmar border.


Armed with a camera: Confessions of a war photographer

From Rwanda to the former Yugoslavia, photojournalist Jack Picone shares his most disturbing memories of war.


Magazine: Life and death along the Thai-Myanmar border

A 1,200 mile long photographic journey, documenting the fear, faith and everyday survival of those living in exile.


Magazine Read: Andrew's story

The story of one man's life – and death – with Aids.