Jack Hewson


Indonesia: Drowning in rubbish

Will a plastic bag levy be enough to fix Indonesia's rubbish problem?

Human Rights

Caning law pushes Aceh's LGBT further underground

Indonesia's most conservative province implements new Islamic Criminal Code and public floggings for same-sex relations.

Asia Pacific

Petrol pirates proliferate on Southeast Asian seas

Piracy on the rise in the region as hijackers commandeer fuel tankers and siphon off precious cargo.

Human Rights

Will Indonesia execute a mentally ill Brazilian?

Rodrigo Gularte has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but his illness may not stop a 12-man firing squad.

Human Rights

A day some Indonesians love to hate

Conservatives denounce Valentine's Day for promoting 'free sex', but others say it's just a fact of life.


Indonesia's ambitious social reforms launched

New social security programmes targeting tens-of-millions of the country's poorest are the largest in the world.


Life in Indonesia's sinking capital

Jakarta suffers subsidence rates of up to 17cm a year in some areas, threatening the homes of 4.5 million people.


Rise of Islamic State in Southeast Asia

Indonesian and Malaysian authorities are keeping a close eye on local supporters of the hard-line Middle East group.


School sex-assault scandal rocks Indonesia

Cleaners accused of raping kindergarten students at a prestigious Jakarta school shines spotlight on child molestation.

US & Canada

Afghan Hazaras' new life in Indonesia

Asylum-seeker community in West Java is large enough to easily man an eight-team Afghan football league.

Business & Economy

Hong Kong's domestic worker abuse

Indonesian maid tells her story of violence, while Amnesty says thousands live in similar conditions.


Indonesia's innovative healthcare scheme

System is expected to be the world's largest with 247 million covered by 2019, but critics have their doubts.