J Berkshire Miller

J Berkshire Miller is the director of the Council on International Policy and is a fellow on East Asia for the EastWest Institute.

South Korea

What's next for South Korea-US relations?

South Korean President Moon's diplomatic approach towards Pyongyang will be the focus of his first meeting with Trump.

Park Geun-hye

South Korea's next leader will face intense challenges

Park Geun-hye's sacking may be seen as a triumph of democracy, but the pressure will soon mount on her replacement.

South China Sea

Beijing looks for edges on cooperation with Trump

China may cooperate with Trump on issues such as N Korea and trade, but it will stand unwavering on security issues.

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-nam attack reveals true nature of North Korea

The risk of proliferation of nerve agents to non-state actors is perhaps the most startling concern.


Trump era heightens Asia-Pacific's tripwires

Trump's victory magnifies geopolitical uncertainty in the Asia-Pacific region.


Trump era has Beijing on edge

Donald Trump's exchange with Taiwan's leader broke with nearly four decades of the 'one China' policy.


South Korea's political morass

The scandal is a lesson for S Korea, which has maintained a close connection between political and corporate interests.


China's failed South Korea embrace

Relations between China and South Korea have been quickly descending over the past year.

Asia Pacific

If TPP fails, China takes advantage

The slow-drag on the TPP is turning the attention of some in the region back to trade possibilities with China.


Economic uncertainties cloud China's G20 moment

China needs to reassure other states on its commitment to take strong leadership for coherence and effectiveness.

Asia Pacific

Beijing banks on fractured ASEAN

At last week's summit in Laos, Phnom Penh effectively blocked any reference to The Hague ruling.

War & Conflict

Hague ruling could spark China-Japan row

Beijing's loss in the South China Sea arbitration may have impacts on China's row with Japan in the East China Sea.