India Stoughton


Lebanon's history in one building: The Palmyra Hotel

The hotel is a relic that bears testament to almost 150 years of local, regional and global events.

Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugee children find a future in freestyle

Qosay and his friends started a rap group called the Homsies, and produced an album with a Scottish aid worker's help.

Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugee children process trauma through art

NGOs in Lebanon have been using art therapy to help children to deal with the horrific events they witnessed in Syria.

Battle for Aleppo

Syria's Civil War: Aleppo's heritage sites 'in danger'

UNESCO representatives are expected in Damascus next week to discuss ways of salvaging Aleppo's heritage.


Is interactivity the future of refugee fundraising?

Charities are increasingly turning to digital technology as a means of engaging jaded donors.

Middle East

Championing culture in Lebanon's south

Actor and director Kassem Istanbouli is striving to revive the performing arts in Tyre and Nabatieh.

Middle East

Lebanon's rubbish crisis fuels green alternatives

One year on, the crisis remains unresolved - but new initiatives have brought recycling to the forefront.

Arts & Culture

The Red House and Lebanon's vanishing heritage

Beirut zoning laws are encouraging private owners to demolish historic homes and sell land to developers, activists say.

Arts & Culture

Cultural cafe promotes unity in Lebanon's Tripoli

New cafe aims to create common ground for warring neighbourhoods of Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh.

Middle East

Q&A: A 'terrible moment' for the Arab world

It is time to rethink the destiny of the region, Lebanese author Elias Khoury tells Al Jazeera.

Arts & Culture

The scars of war on Lebanon's Holiday Inn

Graffiti artist has drawn attention to the skeletal remains of the hotel, an 'accidental monument' in central Beirut.

Arts & Culture

Theatre: A cure for Lebanon's sectarian tensions?

Two neighbourhoods in Tripoli have set aside their enmity to participate in a darkly funny production.