Imtiaz Tyab

Imtiaz Tyab is one of Al Jazeera English's correspondents based in Jerusalem. Previously he reported from Pakistan. Imtiaz joined AJE from BBC World television where he was a London-based reporter. Prior to that, he was a Washington, DC correspondent for BBC News and World Service Radio. Imtiaz has reported extensively from around the United Kingdom, as well as from continental Europe, South Asia, the Middle East and Haiti.

Middle East

Lebanon's new electoral law 'step forward, but not enough'

Law paves the way for new polls in May 2018 based on proportional representation and 15 districts.

Middle East

Gulf crisis impact felt in Lebanon

As efforts to defuse the diplomatic row between Qatar and other Gulf states ramp up, one Arab country is noticeably silent. Lebanese government leaders have not made any formal statement because they are closely linked to all of the nations involved

Middle East

Gulf crisis: Aid recipients concerned about rift

Qatar's charities have been targeted by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain as part of the deepening crisis. the Saudi-led block published a list of individuals and organisations they accuse of being involved in “terrorism” linked to Qatar.

Middle East

US-Jordan drills raise suspicion of ground offensive against ISIL

There is increasing speculation that Jordan and the United States would take part in a joint military ground offensive inside Syria as part of the US-led campaign to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.


Syrian refugees forced into child labour in Lebanon

There are growing concerns over the increasing number of Syrian refugee children being forced to work in Lebanon. Rights groups say that recent restrictions on work permits for adults are making the problem worse.

Middle East

Syrian refugees help solve Jordan’s rubbish crisis

The Jordanian government is struggling to contain a mounting rubbish crisis as garbage dumps across the country start to reach capacity.


Syrian refugees build an informal economy in Jordan

Business is booming in Jordan's Zaatari camp. It is one of the largest camps in the world and home to more than 80,000 Syrian refugees. Restrictions that prevent most Syrian refugees from working in Jordan have led to a thriving informal economy.

Middle East

Trial begins for nine Jordanians over Karak castle attack

Nine Jordanians have gone on trial in connection with last year's attack on one of the oldest castles in the Middle East. Gunmen linked to ISIL killed 10 people and injured tourists at Karak castle.

Middle East

Lebanon: Fears as ‘Aleppo boil’ disease spreads

WARNING: Some of the images in this report may be distressing. Doctors in Lebanon are trying to control an outbreak of a centuries-old disease that has re-emerged because of the war in Syria. The “Aleppo boil”, named after the northern Syrian city

Middle East

Lebanon battles pollution with first zero-waste project

Lebanon's first zero-waste management programme was launched in 2016 and has helped tackle the country's rubbish crisis. Workers separate recyclables from biodegradable material by hand and natural waste is made into compost.

Middle East

Lebanon's army targets ISIL fighters near Syrian border

Lebanon's military has intensified its crackdown on ISIL fighters in a remote area near the Syria border. It says about 1,500 fighters are still operating near the flashpoint town of Arsal, which was overrun by the armed group in 2014.

Middle East

Lebanese army intensifies crackdown on ISIL fighters

The Lebanese town of Arsal near the Syrian border has been under tight military control since 2014 after fighters from the ISIL group overran it, killing and kidnapping dozens of police officers and soldiers.