Imtiaz Tyab

Imtiaz Tyab is one of Al Jazeera English's correspondents based in Jerusalem. Previously he reported from Pakistan. Imtiaz joined AJE from BBC World television where he was a London-based reporter. Prior to that, he was a Washington, DC correspondent for BBC News and World Service Radio. Imtiaz has reported extensively from around the United Kingdom, as well as from continental Europe, South Asia, the Middle East and Haiti.

Middle East

Lebanon: Vintage posters offer glimpse of Arab history

One of the Arab world's most extensive collections of vintage film posters can be found in a cellar below Beirut's busiest shopping district.

Middle East

Lebanon: 'Palestinian camp unrest not linked to policy'

Fighting continued for a fifth straight day on Wednesday at the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. At least seven people were killed as factions exchanged fire in the crowded Ain al-Hilweh camp in the country's south.

Middle East

Deadly clashes erupt at Palestinian camp in Lebanon

A fourth day of violence at the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon has claimed two more lives and injured many more.

Middle East

Syrian military says US attack was 'irresponsible and reckless'

The UN Security Council meeting met to discuss the US missile strikes on the Shayrat airbase in Syria. The attack drew both approval and condemnation from the world. Syria called it 'reckless' and 'irresponsible'.

Middle East

Syrian government hits back at rebels after Damascus assault

Syrian state media says government forces have retaken areas near the capital Damascus that were seized by opposition fighters on Sunday.

Middle East

Syrian refugees trapped in Jordan's Rukban camp

About 75,000 Syrian refugees sheltering at a camp in Jordan are virtually cut off from help.

Middle East

UN cuts financial help to Syrian workers in Lebanon

Syrian refugees with the legal right to work in Lebanon will soon lose financial aid from the United Nations. It's part of an agreement between the Lebanese government and the UNHCR, but some aid groups have warned that it could encourage joblessness.

Middle East

Lebanon looks to develop oil industry

Huge reserves of hydrocarbons lie untapped beneath Lebanese waters because of years of war and political problems.

Middle East

Protesters rally to save last green site in Lebanon's Beirut

Protesters in Lebanon are trying to halt the development of the last piece of parkland in Beirut.

Arts & Culture

Iraq museum tries to recover lost treasures

Artefacts looted and destroyed by ISIL, on top of historical treasures stolen following the US-led invasion in 2003.

Poverty & Development

Iraq's agriculture on the verge of collapse

Unending conflict, government neglect and rise of ISIL blamed for near total destruction of vital economic sector.

War & Conflict

The deep scars of Gaza's war

One year after Israel's assault, thousands still live in temporary shelters while children suffer from trauma.