Ihsaan Haffejee

Xenophobia Attacks

Homes burned, shops looted in anti-migrant attacks

Renewed anti-foreigner violence has raised fresh fears and uncertainty among members of migrant communities in S Africa.

Arts & Culture

In Madagascar, cockfighting is big business

Traditional sport is major source of income for many with wealthy enthusiasts betting even cars and houses on roosters.

Xenophobia Attacks

Pictures of xenophobia in South Africa

Strained by unemployment, relations between locals and foreigners have deteriorated into deadly violence.


Black youth bear brunt of drug cocktail

Young men and women are hooked to third-grade heroin mixed with rat poison, detergents and HIV/AIDS medicine.


In Pictures: South Africa's massive strikes

South Africa braces for one of the largest labour strikes over wages in the country's history.

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In Pictures: Zimbabwe's flood victims

More than 20,000 people were moved to Chingwizi camp after the heaviest rain in 40 years wreaked havoc.