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Niger’s water crisis hits farmers

In the country’s most fertile region called Agadez, severe water shortages are causing farmers to struggle. And inadequate irrigation systems are helping to push food prices higher.


South Sudan: 50 percent food-insecure as disease toll escalates

About half of South Sudan’s population are facing severe food shortages as its three-year civil war drags on.


Concerns as thousands of South Sudan children used as fighters

The ongoing war in South Sudan has seen a huge number of children recruited to fight.

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South Sudan: Young artists hope art can relieve suffering of war

A group of young artists in South Sudan are hoping music and art can help reverse the damages of war, which has plagued the country since it gained independence in 2011.

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A forgotten crisis: Sudanese continue to seek refuge

It's been 14 years since fighting first broke out in Sudan's Darfur region. At least 4 million Sudanese have since been forced from their homes because of fighting in Darfur and other regions, according to the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).

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Sudan Airways seeks to revamp fleet

The US is set to lift sanctions against Sudan, which were imposed more than 20 years ago.


Eritrean refugees in Sudan accuse traffickers of torture

There are calls for Sudan's government to do more to stop human trafficking. The African nation is used as a transit point by thousands of people from neighbouring Eritrea that are trying to reach the West.

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Sudan: Soaring food prices hurting the poor

Families in Sudan are struggling to put food on the table because of rising commodity prices. Many children are suffering from malnutrition as a result. And business owners say they are worried about the effect it's having on their livelihood.


South Sudan violence, hunger forcing families to flee

It has been six years since South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan. But the violence that's followed has left South Sudan refugees heading north to the country they fought so hard to leave.


Cholera on the rise in famine-hit South Sudan

Cholera cases are on the rise in South Sudan, as tens of thousands of people flee famine and conflict. Aid organisations say more than 100 people have died from the disease in the past six months.


Thousands killed in cattle raids since 2011

Government struggling to reign in violence in remote areas, facing raiders armed with guns and machetes.


Sudanese miners risk health for gold

Miners in rural Sudan use mercury and cyanide to separate gold, which leads to health issues.