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Hunting for Myanmar's hidden treasure

Western nations are moving into the resource-rich country after decades of disinterest, challenging China's interests.


Facebook in Myanmar: Amplifying hate speech?

Since violence erupted in 2012, Facebook users in Myanmar have fanned anti-Muslim sentiment.

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In Pictures: Myanmar's census bars Rohingya

Muslim Rohingya are excluded from political representation as a result of not being counted.


Myanmar's census stokes tensions

An upcoming census tracking religious and ethnic statistics could renew unrest.


George Orwell's legacy echoes in Myanmar

Once forbidden, George Orwell's books are now feted in Myanmar, where he wrote his first novel.


Is Suu Kyi eclipsing Myanmar's peace process?

The pro-democracy icon may not be able to run for president unless the constitution is changed.


Inking Myanmar's identity

Taboo no more, tattoos are making a comeback in the fast-changing southeast Asian country.

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In Pictures: Myanmar's 'crony capitalists'

In a new era of foreign investment, analysts are split on what role elites connected to the military junta should play.


As Myanmar reopens, so does its universities

Closed following student unrest in 1988, Yangon University is accepting undergraduates again in a sign of change.