Hassan Ghani

Hassan Ghani is a producer and reporter with Al Jazeera.

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Meet Indonesia's trash vigilante

Mr Sariban is 74 years old, retired, and totally obsessed.

Human Rights

How to deal with Kibera's 'flying toilets'

Streets in Nairobi slum are littered with human waste, prompting locals to develop innovative solutions to the problem.

Poverty & Development

Kenya's slum DJ shows us around Kibera

Abdullah 'Dallas' Mussa walks us through the trials and tribulations of life as a slum journalist.

Human Rights

Going back to school in Kenya's biggest slum

Hundreds of adults who grew up illiterate are getting a second chance to read and write in Nairobi's Kibera slum.

Human Rights

"What will be in your heart? Won't there be hate?"

Karim Khan is suing the CIA for the deaths of his son and brother in a drone strike.

Human Rights

'Not every beardy man is a terrorist'

Rafiullah Hanif faces the prospect of forced repatriation along with nearly 3 million other Afghan refugees to a homeland still in conflict.


The policewomen of Peshawar

A growing number of female officers are breaking stereotypes and catching criminals in Pakistan's northwest.

Human Rights

Pakistan: The free street school for impoverished kids

Firefighter Mohammed Ayub quietly works in his spare time to give children from Islamabad's slums a better chance at life.


The Syrian doctors treating refugees in Turkey

Tucked away in a quiet side-street of Istanbul’s historic Fatih district, the Nour clinic for Syrian refugees is easy to miss.


Syrian seamstresses send help home

A group of Syrian women in Turkey have set up their own factory to produce clothes for families over the border in Syria.

Human Rights

Terrified of returning to Xinjiang

Uighurs say China's policies are encouraging radicalisation in the region.


New flotilla to Gaza set to sail

Boats carrying pro-Palestine activists arrive in Mediterranean ports ahead of departure to blockaded coastal enclave.