Hashem Ahelbarra

"Hashem Ahelbarra is a roving Middle East correspondent for Al Jazeera English. He regularly reports from Afghanistan, Yemen and across the Gulf region.

Hashem has covered many of the biggest international news stories in recent years and secured exclusive interviews with many of the major names in world news, including late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, Afghan president Hamid Karzai and former Liberian president Charles Taylor."

Middle East

Gulf crisis hits stalemate

Qatar's foreign minister has rejected claims that his country's diplomatic efforts to end the dispute with Saudi Arabia and its three allies were failing. But he did admit that the crisis was not going to be resolved any time soon.


India activists call for action against mob attacks

Activists in India are calling on the government to crack down on mob lynchings. There's growing concern about the crime, after at an increase in attacks on people accused of eating or trading in beef. Some believe the rise of Hindu nationalism


Qatar turns to alternative food suppliers amid Gulf crisis

The Saudi-led blockade against Qatar has forced the government in Doha to secure food and water supplies from alternative destinations.

Middle East

Saudi Arabia steps up efforts to reduce global oil supply

Khaled Al-Faleh, Saudi Arabia's energy minister, is under pressure to rally support among key oil producers to rein in excess supply.

Middle East

Saudi Arabia and US to announce a $350bn arms deal

Donald Trump set off on his first foreign trip as US president, planning to visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy and Belgium. The Saudi government sees the trip as an opportunity to start a new era after relations soured under Barack Obama

Middle East

Syria: Heavy fighting threatens de-escalation deal

A new deal aimed at reducing violence in Syria is off to a shaky start. The agreement set up four "de-escalation zones" in areas of intense conflict. But government air attacks and heavy fighting have continued despite the Russian-backed deal.

Middle East

Turkish farmers affected by Kremlin’s sanctions

Despite a thaw in bilateral relations, some Turks are still feeling the pinch of sanctions imposed by the Kremlin two years ago. Although most have already been lifted, Turkey's tomato farmers are still being told they cannot sell to Russia.

Middle East

Syria: Residents of besieged Ghouta fear it is time to flee

The humanitarian situation on the outskirts of the Syrian capital is worsening as government forces increase pressure on the rebel stronghold of Eastern Ghouta.

Middle East

Hospitals under strain in Syria's Idlib

A growing number of hospitals have been bombed in Syria's Idlib province, putting more strain on the few remaining health facilities in the area.

Middle East

Syria's war: Kurdish forces advance in Tabqa

Kurdish forces are advancing against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group in the Syrian city of Tabqa, which has been under siege for weeks.

Middle East

Syrians leave rebel stronghold Al Waer under evacuation deal

Thousands more Syrians have been evacuated from Al Waer district, the last opposition-held area in the city of Homs. The evacuation is part of an agreement between the Syrian government and rebels to move people from besieged areas.

Middle East

Turkey's state of emergency extension draws criticism

Turkey's parliament has extended the state of emergency for another three months. Opposition politicians and activists criticised the move, saying the law casts doubt on the future of democracy and sends the wrong signal to international investors.