Hamish Macdonald


Kashmir's Himalayan 'Ice-man'

In northeast Kashmir, many hope man-made glaciers will ensure their survival.


Iran's difficult talks in Geneva

Tehran remains defiant as it meets with Security Council permanent members.

Business & Economy

Delaware offers tempting tax refuge

Amid a US crackdown on global tax havens, one of its own states offers financial "loophole".

Business & Economy

Tax justice versus tax havens

G20 leaders promised a crackdown on tax havens in April, did they succeed?

The 2009 G20 London Summit

UK 'kettling' tactic sparks anger

Police methods used to fence-in protesters triggers controversy.

The 2009 G20 London Summit

London gears up for G20 'battle'

Capital prepares for thousands of protesters angry at failure of global financial system.

US & Canada

One month in Kabul

Hamish Macdonald meets the fighters who say more US troops simply mean "more to hunt".

US & Canada

One month in Kabul: Week one

The first week of Hamish Macdonald's One month in Kabul blog.

US & Canada

February 7 - 14, 2009

Al Jazeera's Hamish Macdonald blogs on daily life in Afghanistan.


Azerbaijani leader's surefire win

Aliyev set to be re-elected in the resource-rich and geographically key nation.


Georgia's crucial 'energy corridor'

Georgia's geopolitics redefine the relationship between Russia and the West.


Ramadan bombs rock Afghanistan

Hamish MacDonald on the Taliban's 'victory' campaign.