Hadani Ditmars

Hadani Ditmars is the author of Dancing in the No-Fly Zone: A Woman's Journey Through Iraq, a past editor at New Internationalist, and has been reporting from the Middle East for two decades.

Human Rights

Covered or uncovered: Global female body norms

Not only do "uncovered" female body parts make some people feel "uncomfortable" - so does being "too" covered up.

Human Rights

Canada joins failing 'war on terror'

The introduction of stricter homeland security measures do not make citizens safer.


Harper's two-state solution: Canada and Israel

Both Canada and Israel have national mythologies that perpetuate their status as kinder, peace loving democracies.


Iraqi women: 'Things were so much better before'

The tragic decline in Iraqi women's status is the result of 30 years of war and occupation.

Arts & Culture

A tale of two snipers

How should 'heroism' be defined in the context of war and occupation?