Gregory Aftandilian

Gregory Aftandilian is a lecturer in the Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University and is a former US State Department Middle East analyst.

Republican Party

Remaking the Republican Party: Populism a la Trump

Donald Trump and his chief adviser Stephen Bannon signalled a total rebranding of conservatives at the CPAC.

US Elections 2016

Vulnerabilities exposed at the Trump-Clinton forum

Both candidates came under fire for their past actions and future plans at the Commander-in-Chief forum.

US Elections 2016

Immigrants and Donald Trump: It's a complicated story

The country that they knew growing up seems to be changing for the worse in their eyes.


Republican convention and Donald Trump's party victory

The convention is likely to gloss over Trump's non-establishment position.


Republicans still playing on US public's fears

Republican presidential contenders hit Obama hard on national security but offer few realistic alternatives.


First Republican debate: All bark and no bite

The US Republican Party presidential candidates stake out hawkish views on policy towards the Middle East.

War & Conflict

ISIL attacks to prove it is not cornered

ISIL's recent attacks in Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen show potential recruits that it can take its fight anywhere.

Middle East

Rocky road ahead for US-Egypt relations

Egypt-US relations are on the upswing due to common security threats, but problems remain.

War & Conflict

Egypt's Sinai struggle not going away anytime soon

The Egyptian government cannot rely on security crackdowns alone no matter how tempting that is.


Heavy symbolism of Obama's India visit

Obama's long, sought-after 'pivot to Asia' seems to be finally coming to fruition.