Gregg Carlstrom

Gregg Carlstrom is an online journalist with Al Jazeera English, based in Doha. He has covered stories in countries around the region, including Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq, and Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.


Expelling Israel's Arab population?

Israeli negotiators, including Tzipi Livni, proposed "swapping" some of Israel's Arab villages into a Palestinian state.


Israel delays vote on controversial bill

Legislation deeming Israel 'the national state of the Jewish people' has enraged the country's Palestinian minority.

Middle East

East Jerusalem under 'collective punishment'

Jerusalem's most disenfranchised residents are being targeted in a 'draconian' crackdown, rights groups say.


Chaos grows on both sides of the Green Line

Violence worsens after Israeli troops fatally shoot Palestinian man in the occupied West Bank.

War & Conflict

Tensions mount in East Jerusalem

One thousand extra police officers have been sent to the city, and dozens of Palestinians have been arrested.

Humanitarian crises

Gaza plan 'relieves Israel of responsibility'

Complicated mechanisms could risk prolonging the Gaza reconstruction efforts, critics argue.


Jerusalem simmering over 'Judaisation' plan

An influx of ideological settlers into East Jerusalem threatens to put an end to the two state solution.


Israel vague about new 'diplomatic horizon'

Israeli PM appears eager to strengthen regional ties, while postponing discussions on Palestinian statehood.


PA struggles to gain foothold in Gaza

Beneath the hostile rhetoric, Israel, PA and Hamas are quietly working to keep the status quo.


ISIL a distant threat for Israel

Despite Israeli PM's rhetoric at UN this week, experts say ISIL fighters are not a formidable threat to the country.


New West Bank settlement plan raises alert

Municipal approval of plan to build 2,600 new homes in Givat Hamatos could make it impossible to ever divide Jerusalem.

War & Conflict

Israel and Hamas claim victory as truce ends

Fighting resumes in Gaza after a brief ceasefire collapses, as both Israel and Hamas claim victory in the war.