Gina Benevento

Gina Benevento is a former UN diplomat based in Jerusalem, now living and working in Madrid as a strategic communications consultant.


Remembering the Roma victims of the Holocaust

The Holocaust narrative focusing on the exclusivity of the Jewish experience is wrong - and must change.

US & Canada

Sexual assault in the time of Trump

Eight years of progress and funding for programmes countering sexual violence against women are about to be undone.

US Elections 2016

Hillary Clinton and the 'woman card'

Clinton has masterfully used Trump's sexist blunders to her advantage.


Spain: Is this the end of the Socialists?

A 'sense of duty' may not be enough for Spain to overcome the crippling political impasse.


Brexit and the view from Spain

Brexit had a decisive impact on how Spaniards voted, swinging energy from Podemos back to the traditional parties.