Gerald Tan

Gerald Tan is a TV news reporter by day and foodie by night. He is celebrating his 10th year with Al Jazeera and is now based at the network headquarters in Doha after stints in Washington, DC and Kuala Lumpur. As a senior producer in the English channel, he is responsible for writing, voicing, and packaging reports for the hourly news bulletins.  

His passion for international affairs is rivalled by only that for food. Gerald runs his own website www.boulangerry.com featuring articles about food and travel, the restaurant scene in Doha, and his kitchen adventures as a baker.

AJEats is the meeting of his two worlds, a lens into global culture through the food people eat.

Follow Gerald Tan on Twitter @GeraldoTan & on Instagram @boulangerry


Italian gang accused of stealing millions meant for refugees

A mafia gang in Italy is being accused of profiting from Europe's refugee crisis.


France passes law banning underweight models

Models in France are now required to undergo a medical exam to be certified fit to strut.

Middle East

Residents return to west Mosul as Iraqi forces advance

Iraqi forces are slowly retaking neighbourhoods from ISIL control in western Mosul, which has encouraged some residents to return home.


Heatwave threatens livelihood in several Indian states

Record temperatures are fuelling a heatwave in several states of India. Some cities are trying to cope by shifting school and working hours. A lack of rain is threatening the livelihoods of many farmers. Al Jazeera’s Gerald Tan reports.

Latin America

Haiti's plans to revive army draw concern

Former Haitian football star Bobby Duval has joined a chorus of concern over the government's decision to revive the military.


Niger: Thousands attend funeral of slain student

Thousands of people have attended the funeral of a student killed in a protest in Niger's capital of Niamey.


Thousands of refugees rescued off Libyan coast

Rescue ships in the Mediterranean Sea picked up thousands of refugees in mid-April. At least 4,500 people were saved off the coast of Libya on April 14 and 15, and several hundreds more on April 16.

Asia Pacific

North Korea blames US 'aggression' amid tension

North Korea is blaming the US for stirring up a possible conflict n the region. Words have been flying between the adversaries as the North prepares to mark its biggest celebration of the year - some say with a show of force.

Asia Pacific

New Zealand floods force mass evacuations

Parts of New Zealand's North Island are under a state of emergency because of a severe storm system.


India, Pakistan hold talks on Indus water dispute

A two-day meeting in the Pakistani city of Lahore is under way to help resolve a water dispute between India and Pakistan. The neighbours are bound by a decades-old accord to share resources along the Indus River.

Latin America

China, EU suspend Brazil imports after meat scandal

The fallout from a tainted meat scandal in Brazil is deepening. Despite assurances from President Michel Temer, some of the largest importers, including China, Chile and the EU have decided to halt purchases of beef and poultry from the country.

US & Canada

Photos of female US marines shared on Facebook without consent

Photos of dozens of female US marines have been shared without their consent on a Facebook page called 'Marines United'. In the photos, some taken without permission, the victims are nude and are identified by their names, rank and duty stations.