George Henton

Arts & Culture

Pamplona's Running of the Bulls

As San Fermin festival comes to an end in the Spanish city of Pamplona, the annual tradition faces an uncertain future.


War games: Training journalists for the worst

As threats against journalists in the field soar, several organisations are trying to make training more accessible.

Human Rights

Foreign firms and human rights abuses in Myanmar

Forced evictions and violence at copper mines in northern Myanmar continue after decades of profit-making, report says.

Arts & Culture

In Pictures: 10,000 marching monks in Bangkok

Mass alms ceremony to assist Buddhists in southern Thailand facing a bloody decade-long Muslim insurgency.

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In Pictures: Thailand's Songkran festival

Political divisions are forgotten as New Year is celebrated with a wet and wild water nationwide fight.

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In Pictures: Crimea's referendum

Pro-Russian sentiment ran high on Sunday as the vast majority of Crimeans decided to secede from Ukraine.

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In Pictures: Between Crimea's frontlines

Those living in the no-man's-land between Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces are increasingly uneasy.

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In pictures: Meeting the Tatars of Crimea

The minority group, largely distrustful of Russia, is feeling increasingly vulnerable on the troubled peninsula.

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In Pictures: Russian troops in Crimea

Tensions escalate as Russian soldiers and 'self defence' groups take up positions throughout Crimea's capital.

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In Pictures: Thais head to controversial poll

After protesters demanded the government's resignation, they are now boycotting the resulting early election.

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Thailand's Full Moon Party 25 years on

Once a peaceful gathering, the wild beach extravaganza now attracts 20,000 hardcore backpackers looking to party.

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In Pictures: The Taksim Square Book Club

Protesters stand silently and read books in central Istanbul, in stark contrast with scenes of violence.