Gayatri Parameswaran

Climate SOS

Climate change: Arctic reindeer herders on thin ice

Sami reindeer herders in Norway fear climate change could force the abandonment of a thousand-year way of life.

Science & Technology

No more trashing US 'Earthship' homes

Eco-friendly New Mexico houses made of garbage such as old tyres, beer cans, and glass bottles have gone mainstream.


Albania hunting ban takes aim at depopulation

Wildlife numbers falling rapidly, but a controversial new ban on hunting seeks to protect Albania's animals.


Art of change in post-war Kosovo

Many artists are using their work to raise social, economic, and political issues in Kosovo post independence.


Turkey's rock 'n' roll imam spurs controversy

Country's religious authority investigating whether Ahmet Muhsin Tuzer's music is 'un-Islamic', as band faces threats.

Business & Economy

Food feuds continue to simmer in the Caucasus

Pride and markets are at stake as countries in the troubled region accuse one another of gastronomical plagiarism.

Poverty & Development

Chess mania captures Armenia's attention

Small Caucasus country is the first in the world to make chess mandatory in schools, aiming to build a better society.


Georgia farms face Indian 'invasion'

Thousands of Punjabi farmers have bought land in distant Georgia lured by cheap prices, angering some locals.


Nat Purwa: Where prostitution is a tradition

For generations, one Indian village has seen widespread prostitution, with women passing on the trade to their children.


Bhutan smokers huff and puff over tobacco ban

The world's strictest anti-tobacco laws have anguished sellers and consumers in the remote Himalayan kingdom.

Business & Economy

Bhutan's tears of joy over chillies

Spicy food has acquired a new meaning with chillies becoming a way of life for people in the Himalayan kingdom.


Rap captures voices of dissent in Kashmir

Youth are increasingly using music to air political grievances in Indian-administered Kashmir.