Gayatri Parameswaran and Felix Gaedtke


Turning darkness to light in rural Romania

With around 100,000 households not connected to the electricity grid, could solar panels provide the solution?


Germany's intrepid refugee helpers

Daring activists clandestinely assist refugees across borders using tactics perfected with the Berlin Wall in mind.


Homestays for snow leopards in the Himalayas

2015 declared International Year of the Snow Leopard to help conservation efforts for the endangered cats.

Child labour

Millions of children hard at work in India

International Child Labour Day turns harsh spotlight on India, with the highest number of working children in the world.

Human Rights

Identifying Mexico's many dead along US the border

Activists say harsh security measures have 'funneled' migrants into deadly routes with thousands perishing on the trek.

Arts & Culture

Bucking the trend: American rodeo under scrutiny

Animal rights groups criticise US rodeo tradition, saying broncos and bulls are tormented and injured by cowboys.


Mumbai women master martial arts for safety

Insecurity following surge in rape cases prompt more women in India's financial capital to learn self-defence skills.