Frank Barat


Criminalising Standing Rock

It is not the first time US government has used all means necessary to stifle activism and resistance.

Poverty & Development

Freedom is a constant struggle

The actions we will undertake will be remembered by generations to come.

Arts & Culture

Cultural festival or Israeli propaganda?

The London Israeli Film and Television Festival is not honouring the cultures of all its citizens.


Anti-apartheid: An interview with Ronnie Kasrils

"As a Jew, I abhor the fact that the Zionist rulers of Israel/Palestine claim they are acting in the name of Jews."


'We've gone way beyond Apartheid'

Peace activist Jeff Halper speculates that Israel may annex Area C - with the consent of the Palestinian Authority.


The crime of apartheid

In order to keep Israel a "Jewish" state, racist policies amounting to apartheid have been used against Palestinians.