Francesca Mannocchi

Battle for Mosul

Mosul in ruins: 'I see only despair around us'

Soldiers have been working to save civilians still trapped among the rubble of war in Iraq's second-largest city.

Syrian Refugees

Painting away the trauma of Syria's war

Artist Diala Brisly is using art to help refugee children in Lebanon cope with the psychological burden of war.


Libya's Sirte in rubble after ISIL battle

Field hospitals struggle to treat women and children who escaped from the small area still under ISIL control.

Middle East

'Torn apart by bombs': Inside Libya's field hospitals

As wounded soldiers continue to pour in, doctors say they are struggling with shortages of staff and medical supplies.

Human Rights

A day aboard a rescue boat in the Mediterranean

As Europe grapples with a massive refugee crisis, MSF doctors keep watch over the dangerous sea crossing.

War & Conflict

Q&A: The two sides of Libya - Abdullah al-Thinni

Heading Libya's internationally recognised parliament, Thinni says that the failure of dialogue would be disastrous.

War & Conflict

Q&A: The two sides of Libya - Khalifa al-Ghwell

The leader of Libya's self-declared government based in Tripoli says the country's latest peace framework is baseless.

Humanitarian crises

Gambling for a better life across the Mediterranean

Hundreds of migrants, captured during their attempt to cross to Europe, are held in Libya's detention centres.