Fault Lines

Human Rights

The dark prisoners: Inside the CIA's torture programme

Despite US admissions that it tortured people after 9/11, little has been heard from the victims themselves.


Shot in the back: Police violence in Albuquerque

In Albuquerque, Stephen and Renetta Torres, whose son was shot by a police officer, take hope from a cop's murder trial.


Afghan interpreter: 'Taliban don't wait to kill you'

Hiding in Afghanistan, a former translator for the US military describes what life is like for those left behind.

Human Rights

A trafficked fisherman's tale: 'My life was destroyed’

A man from Myanmar who spent more than a decade as a slave on a Thai fishing boat shares his story.

Fault Lines

Death on the Bakken shale

Fault Lines investigates why North Dakota's oil boom has seen the highest worker fatality rates in the US.

Fault Lines

Opioid wars

Fault Lines investigates the battle over the most popular and controversial drugs in the US, opioid painkillers.

Fault Lines

Iraq divided: The fight against ISIL

As the US strikes ISIL targets in Iraq, we report from Erbil on the consequences of the latest foreign intervention.

Fault Lines

No Refuge: Children at the border

Fault Lines goes behind the numbers to examine the child migration boom from Central America to the US border.

Fault Lines

State of play: Football players and the NCAA

Fault Lines investigates the industry of college football and players' demands for a more equitable game.

Fault Lines

Venezuela divided

Fault Lines travels to Caracas to find out what is really going on in the streets of a deeply polarised nation.

Fault Lines

Ferguson: City under siege

Fault Lines examines the reaction to the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer.

Fault Lines

Chasing bail

Fault Lines on the US bail bond industry & investigates how money affects who goes free & who stays in jail before trial