Fatma Naib


Animation: The fly catchers fighting river blindness

Meet the Ugandan men eliminating river blindness one fly at a time.

Human Rights

Animation: What is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)?

FGM, or cutting, is the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia. Watch the explainer animation.

FGM in Africa

How to stop FGM: A lesson from Senegal

In Senegal, rappers, activists, and members of the communities where it happens are uniting to stop the cut.

FGM in Africa

Senegal's anti-FGM campaigner: 'My child won't be cut'

Activists in the W African country raise awareness among children and adults about risks of centuries-old tradition.


Congenital heart defect - Inside Noor's broken heart

"As they took her into surgery, I asked her to fight, but whispered that I would understand if she could not."


XOV interview: The success story of a refugee in Sweden

From fighting neo-Nazis in Stockholm, to being featured in the Hunger Games soundtrack and helping refugees in Lesbos.

Arts & Culture

African American Broadway classic comes to Sweden

A Raisin in the Sun makes history with an almost entirely black cast and raises questions about race in Sweden.


Somali children's magazine launched in Sweden

In effort to foster integration, Carruurteenna will feature role models and traditional Somali stories.

International Women's Day

Sudan's midwives take on female genital mutilation

A school for midwives in the eastern part of the country is educating women and girls to play a role in eradicating FGM.

International Women's Day

Sweden's 'hijabista': Selling Muslim fashion

Swedish fashion designer Iman Aldebe is leading a modest fashion revolution.


Sweden far-right plans gay parade in mainly Muslim area

Anti-racist group plans counter-rally against "provocative" parade condemned by Stockholm Pride and LGBT activists.

Gaza: After the war

Growing up Gazan: Tales of a Palestinian teen

Despite surviving three wars, 17-year-old Farah Baker wants to remain in Gaza to fight for Palestinians' rights.