Farah Najjar

Farah Najjar is an online producer at Al Jazeera English. 

Middle East

100 days in: Is the Middle East Trump's new playground?

One hundred days into office, analysts say Trump's Middle East policies remain largely unclear and arbitrary.

Syria's Civil War

Syria gas attack: 'We found bodies all over the floor'

Survivors and aid workers share their stories of horror and shock after suspected chemical attack in Syria.


How Israeli soldiers interrogated me

On Palestinian Prisoners Day detainees and their relatives tell horror stories of torture and abuse in Israeli jails.


HRW: Israel denying human rights workers access to Gaza

Rights group says Israel is blocking access for researchers to Gaza, compromising efforts to document violations.

Battle for Mosul

UN: Up to 450,000 IDPs expected in cramped Mosul camps

As fighting for western Mosul continues, at least 70,000 civilians remain trapped as supplies dwindle.


Attacks on Copts in Sinai 'a message from ISIL'

The state's 'war on terrorism' in Sinai has proved unsuccessful, say analysts.


Egypt's NGO law aims to 'erase civil society'

The law is part of a wider crackdown on human rights groups, activists say.


Gaza power crisis: 'We want to end this nightmare'

Despite improved power supply, Palestinians in besieged strip say durable solutions must be implemented.


Palestinians decry Israel's settlement bill

The bill, if passed by the Knesset on Tuesday, will allow the confiscation of private Palestinian land in the West Bank.