Everton Fox

Everton Fox joined Al Jazeera English as a weather presenter in March 2007, from the BBC where he worked for nearly seven years.

Everton's career in meteorology began when he joined the Met Office in 1991. Initially he worked as an observer, providing forecaster support at DRA Bedford for two years, before spending a year at the Norwich Weather Centre. Following that, he spent five years at Wattisham Airfield in Suffolk before moving into weather forecasting in 1999.

Having completed the forecaster foundation programme in March 2000, which included on the job training at RAF Marham in Norfolk, he went on to become a forecaster at the London Weather Centre before joining the BBC.

Everton joined the BBC Weather Centre in July 2000 to present on BBC World and BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Services). The BBC's first black weather presenter, Everton went on to broadcast across a range of channels including the BBC's interactive channels and on BBC radio. Everton became the main weather presenter on BBC Radio Five Live and Test Match Special.


Typhoon Noru threatens widespread flooding across Japan

Damaging winds, torrential rains and heavy seas sweep towards Kyushu and Honshu.


Typhoon Nesat bears down on Taiwan

Damaging winds and flooding rains tumble towards southeastern China.


Severe storms batter Turkey's Istanbul

Giant hailstones and torrential downpours leave the streets of Istanbul under water.


Severe storms lash New Zealand’s South Island

State of emergency declared as floods and mudslides batter southeast coast of Pacific Island nation.


Tropical Cyclone 02B develops in the Bay of Bengal

Flooding is expected to linger across Sri Lanka, but the monsoon showers will not be as intense over the next few days.


Record rain for parts of eastern Australia

Heavy downpours cause some flooding in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania.


Tropical Cyclone Ella brings rain, flooding to Fiji

The extended southern hemisphere cyclone season continues with another storm in the South Pacific.


East Africa hit by flash floods

Heavy downpours cause floods along eastern parts of Kenya and Tanzania.


Tropical Cyclone Donna lashes Vanuatu and New Caledonia

Severe storm develops into the strongest May cyclone ever recorded in the southern hemisphere.


Sri Lanka feels the heat

Pre-monsoon heat extends right across South Asia.


Cold wintry weather sweeps over central Europe

Spring warmth is on hold across Europe as cold weather brings snow to parts of Germany, Austria and the Balkans.


Pre-monsoon heat builds early in India

Temperatures are currently running around five degrees above average across much of northern India.