Evan Hill in Libya


Libya survivor describes 1996 prison massacre

Engineer held in notorious Abu Salim re-visits his cell and provides new details about one of regime's darkest chapters.


In Pictures: Gaddafi's intelligence compound

A look inside deposed leader's intelligence agency headquarters in Tripoli and the trove of secret files left behind.


Migrants suffer in Tripoli camps

Black Libyans and migrants are stuck in Tripoli in squalid conditions and threats of violence.


Tripoli celebrates first post-Gaddafi Eid

Thousands gather in Tripoli's Martyrs' Square where Gaddafi had made some of his defiant speeches just month ago.


Freed Libyan prisoner tells his story

Like many Libyans, Masoud Marghani was arrested and held in prison for defying Muammar Gaddafi's regime.


Migrants in Libya camp claim rape

Aid workers say they are taking seriously alleged sexual assaults of up to two dozen women at camp for migrant workers.


Dark days as Tripoli hit by power cuts

Nightly blackouts and a worsening water shortage are ruining what should be a festive time in Tripoli.


People of Tripoli pick up the pieces

Residents are slowly emerging from six months of turmoil and looking towards the post-Gaddafi future.


Rebels tighten grip on Tripoli

Gaddafi forces pushed to southern outskirts of Libyan capital following street-to-street rebel onslaught.


Survivor tells of mass killing

Only known survivor of summary execution carried out by Gaddafi's troops says he had no links to the rebels.

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Rebels struggle to rout Gaddafi loyalists

Rebels are fighting Gaddafi loyalists street to street in the Libyan capital.