Eugene Nforngwa


Bushmeat trade tests Cameroon's Ebola prevention

In a country where hunting wildlife for food is a centuries-old practice, the association with Ebola challenges habits.

Wild Animals

Cameroon's rare chimps take on human encroachment

Elusive great apes threatened by farming and forest clearing are moving closer to humans - and their food.


Trafficking great ape body parts in Cameroon

New trade in lucrative ape skulls and bones stokes fears of annihilation of wild gorilla and chimpanzee populations.

War & Conflict

War on Boko Haram grips Cameroon in fear

Despite strong presence of troops, Nigerian fighters continue to strike targets in northern Cameroon.


Cameroon grapples with ban on plastics bags

Widely used disposable plastic bags have become black-market gold after the government banned it earlier this year.


CAR refugees 'nightmare with few equivalents'

Inadequate funding holding back badly needed emergency assistance for refugees as malaria, dysentery claim lives.