Emma Hayward

Emma Hayward is a producer with Al Jazeera, based out of our London broadcast centre.

Business & Economy

In Scotland, dark side of cheaper fuel

So far in the UK, more than 65,000 people have lost their jobs owing to plummeting oil prices in the past year.

Science & Technology

Scientists study Russian city siege for survival clues

Russian researchers in St Petersburg believe their findings could help fight metabolic disorders in future generations.

Arts & Culture

London's lost Tube stations to see commercial revival

Restaurants, art galleries and a cinema are proposed for one disused Mayfair station.


Russia opposition will not be silenced

Though the big rallies might have stopped, they have not given up voicing their opposition to Putin's government.


Dancing to the tune of the Africa Express

Musicians, DJs and producers are coming together to deliver African beats and music to the UK.


English town's climate lessons

A town in Devon, England, braces itself for the potential impact of climate change.