Elizabeth Gorman

Latin America

Drug wars and police killings in Brazil

Rio's 'pacification' programme in the spotlight as police killings continue during the World Cup.

Poverty & Development

In Pictures: Brazil poverty vs super stadia

Some 4,800 homeless people set up a protest camp near a $350-million stadium in Sao Paulo to demand housing.

Latin America

Protests gather against FIFA exclusion zones

Only official vendors or people authorised by FIFA can sell products around World Cup stadiums, causing local anger.

Business & Economy

Favela-dwellers challenge Rio's exotic tours

Since the military's 'pacification' in Rio de Janeiro, commercial tourism of downtrodden areas has exploded.


Brazil police in spotlight as World Cup looms

Amnesty International report on excessive use of force by Brazil's police raises concerns ahead of football tournament.


Brazil's poor stage an alternative World Cup

Rio de Janeiro favela hosts People's Cup for communities affected by FIFA restrictions, evictions and home demolitions.


Snowden speaks: Not all spying is bad

Former security contractor uses a web forum to support an independent report lambasting US government snooping.