Drew Ambrose


My date with a doll man in Japan

Meet a man in Japan who prefers his 17 dolls to a relationship with real women.

Hong Kong

Meet the people too poor to grow old in Hong Kong

In a city where Rolls-Royces roam the roads, about one third of residents aged over 65 live in poverty.


Vientiane Rescue: The deadly streets of Laos

A volunteer ambulance service is struggling to save lives in Vientiane as traffic-related deaths and injuries soar.


Indonesia weighs controversial new drug crime penalties

As the country considers new punishments in its war on drugs, critics say it should instead focus on helping addicts.

Business & Economy

Inside Japan's 'corpse hotels'

A rising death rate and lack of crematoria spurs Japan's booming funeral industry, including hotels for the deceased.

Business & Economy

Tourist dollars feed wild animal trade in Thailand

Thailand's new animal welfare law aims to curb abuse in a lucrative entertainment industry.