Dorian Geiger

Dorian Geiger is a Canadian journalist, award-winning filmmaker, and a social video producer at Al Jazeera English. He is based between Doha, Qatar and Queens, New York.


Albert's world: Living with autism

US military families with autistic children fear for the future as a programme that provided respite care is cut.

United States

Why remembering the Holocaust matters more than ever

Auschwitz survivor Philip Riteman says the Holocaust must be remembered so 'it doesn't happen again'.

Middle East

How chlorine gas became a weapon in Syria's civil war

Syria's chlorine problem: the human toll of chlorine attacks in six years of civil war.

Edward Snowden

Asylum seekers pay price for sheltering Edward Snowden

At least four asylum seekers who hosted the US whistle-blower in Hong Kong say they have been targeted.


The dawn of cyber politicians

Could holograms, as used by France's Melenchon, Turkey's Erdogan and India's Modi be the future of political rallies?

Muslim Ban

Yemen: Art, love, bombs and bans

Yemen's most prolific street artist copes with Donald Trump's immigration ban.


Refugees cross to Canada to escape Donald Trump

Recently, hundreds of refugees have crossed the US border into Manitoba, braving snow and cold at great peril.

Muslim Ban

The lives interrupted by Donald Trump's immigration ban

'Closing doors to the world's needy people is not what America should stand for.'

Donald Trump

Americans dream of Canada after Trump

As electoral college votes in Donald Trump, many US citizens plan move to Canada, but may face cold reception.

US Elections 2016

Philadelphia: Protecting the vote

As a mass transit strike threatened the outcome of an election, a community came together to reach the polling stations.