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Sri Lankan president dissolves parliament

Move comes 160 days after Srisena assumed office with parliament elections now scheduled to take place on August 17.


Can music lead to social harmony in Sri Lanka?

After a long civil war, a children's orchestra aims to bridge gaps between Sinhalese and Tamil ethnic groups.


Sri Lanka seeks to mend ties with India

As Indian PM Modi arrives, the new government wants rapprochement with its neighbour, perhaps at the expense of China.


Thousands rally for ex-Sri Lankan president Rajapaksa

At least 20,000 people gather in Colombo urging former leader to return to politics a month after his electoral defeat.


Sri Lanka on tenterhooks as election nears

Divided nation prepares to choose a president amid ruling party defections, war animosity, and corruption allegations.


Tsunami horror haunts Sri Lanka survivors

Many have tried to pick up the pieces but memories of the loss of loved ones linger in their minds.


In Pictures: Sri Lanka opens Tamil rail ties

Northern rail line, which will connect Jaffna to capital Colombo, reopens nearly 24 years after civil war shut it down.


Buddhist monk to fight 'jihad threat'

Ashin Wirathu, of Myanmar's 969 group, tells Sri Lankan group BBS he will help combat "Muslim extremists".

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Sri Lanka accused of trying to gag NGOs

Transparency International claims government letter to groups banning press conferences is an effort to silence them.


Sri Lanka's surging cash reliance on China

Island nation has received $4bn since 2009 and critics warn that could mean greater dependence on China.


Rapes surge in Sri Lanka amid weak laws

Incidents of rape have increased 20 percent in last two years as current law fails to criminalise domestic sex attacks.

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Legacy of riots overshadows Eid in Sri Lanka

Tensions persist in Aluthgama and other Sri Lanka towns hit by communal violence as the fasting month of Ramadan ends.