Dimitris Sideridis

Humanitarian crises

First school bell rings for refugee children in Greece

Nearly 1,500 refugee children in Greece attended school for the first time since safely arriving in the country.


Making a giant chessboard from refugee life jackets

For World Environment Day, Aegean University volunteers presented chessboard made of life jackets and academic papers.

Human Rights

Greece: Social Kitchen - the Other Person

In times of difficulty, one man's effort to feed the poor has evolved into a dynamic community movement.

Humanitarian crises

Afghan refugees find safety and shelter in Athens park

Athenians have joined forces to aid the Afghan refugees sheltering in Athens' largest public park.


Greek elections: Pessimism prevails

Greeks go to the polls in a snap general election, but most feel hopeless about a better future.

Human Rights

In Pictures: Syrian hunger-strikers in Greece

About 300 Syrian refugees outside Parliament are refusing food, demanding they be allowed to leave for other countries.