Dimitar Bechev

Dimitar Bechev is a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and Research Fellow at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. He was formerly Senior Policy Fellow and Head of Sofia Office at the European Council on Foreign Relations and lecturer at the University of Oxford. 


Albania: The good news and the bad news

Will Albania descend into chaos as Macedonia did?


What is happening in Macedonia?

It's not an ethnic conflict and it's not Russia's fault.


Russia and NATO: Drama redux

Is a Russia-NATO conflict in the making?


What's behind the Turkey-Russia reset?

Russia and Turkey find themselves in the same boat, so it's only rational for them to de-escalate tensions.

War & Conflict

NATO summit: Focus will be on Black Sea security

Whatever decision the Warsaw Summit produces, the militarisation of Black Sea politics is a fact.

War & Conflict

Turkish-Russian economic ties: Down but not out

Before the downing of the jet, Turkey failed to reap significant trade benefits from the Western sanctions on Russia.


Not much steam in Turkish Stream

There's a lot of buzz around the new Turkish gas pipeline, but its future prospects are anything but clear.