Diane Eastabrook

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US slaps new tariffs on Canadian lumber

The United States has fired the first shot in a possible trade war with its second largest trading partner, Canada. The US government says it’s planning to impose tariffs, averaging 20 percent, on Canadian softwood lumber.

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Facebook under scrutiny after Cleveland shooting video

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says his company will improve its policing of violent content. The company drew criticism after a man posted a video of himself shooting a 74-year-old grandfather in Cleveland, Ohio, last Sunday.

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DAPL protest inspires rallies against pipelines in other states

The controversial Dakota Access Pipeline in the US could begin carrying oil from North Dakota to Illinois as soon as this week. While protests in North Dakota were unable to stop that, demonstrators in other states are gearing up for similar rallies

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Rural voters divided on Donald Trump speech

Donald Trump won the US presidency in large part because of rural voters. Residents of Dekalb County, Illinois, are divided about the president's promises in his first speech to Congress. Al Jazeera's Diane Eastabrook reports.