Diane Eastabrook

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US: Wisconsin company offers optional microchips for employees

Like something from a science-fiction novel, a US firm is offering to implant microchips in its employees.

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US gun lobby NRA faces criticism

The most powerful gun-lobby group in the US is facing a backlash on two fronts.

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US: Russia's Sputnik news agency gets local DC radio

As the investigation into last year's US presidential election heats up, Russia is trying to get more of its media message across in America.

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Trump’s 'cosmetic surgery' twitter rant attracts critics

Many from within US President Donald Trump’s own party are now criticising him after he attacked a television news anchor on social media by referring to her apparent cosmetic surgery. The White House insists the Twitter tirade was justified.

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US charity gives uninsured Americans free dental care

A lack of dental care is a growing problem in many rural areas of the US, about a third of adults don't get their teeth checked because they can't afford it. Dental care is not covered under any of the federal government's insurance programmes.

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US: Anti-vaccination groups blamed in Minnesota measles outbreak

The US state of Minnesota is battling to contain its worst measles outbreak in three decades. Most cases have been found in the Somali community in Minneapolis. Health officials blame the anti-vaccination movement for a huge drop in inoculations

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Southern rock music pioneer Gregg Allman dies

Gregg Allman, considered an American rock music pioneer by many, has died aged 69. Allman and his brother Duane founded the Allman Brothers band and inspired the southern rock scene.

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US: New museum shines light on cultural ‘heroes’

A new museum in the US city of Chicago is shining a spotlight on what it calls the country's unsung heroes: writers.

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Christian Liberty University gives Trump warm welcome

US President Donald Trump received a warm welcome at the commencement ceremony of America's largest Christian university.

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US slaps new tariffs on Canadian lumber

The United States has fired the first shot in a possible trade war with its second largest trading partner, Canada. The US government says it’s planning to impose tariffs, averaging 20 percent, on Canadian softwood lumber.

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Facebook under scrutiny after Cleveland shooting video

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says his company will improve its policing of violent content. The company drew criticism after a man posted a video of himself shooting a 74-year-old grandfather in Cleveland, Ohio, last Sunday.

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DAPL protest inspires rallies against pipelines in other states

The controversial Dakota Access Pipeline in the US could begin carrying oil from North Dakota to Illinois as soon as this week. While protests in North Dakota were unable to stop that, demonstrators in other states are gearing up for similar rallies