Dexter Mullins


Study: 10 percent of cancer survivors still smoke

New study finds the dependence on tobacco is too hard for some survivors to overcome.


Survivors of 1921 race riot still hope for justice

Survivors of US riot have been seeking reparations for the destruction of their homes and businesses with no results.


Marvel's new Captain America is black

His new focus aims at mitigating the 'plight of the common man'.


More Americans living in 'poverty areas'

More than 25 percent of Americans lived in a poverty area in 2012, an increase from 18 percent a decade earlier.


US study: Black grads have double the jobless rate

More than half of black college graduates are underemployed, according to the Center for Economic Policy and Research


Americas overtake Africa in UN homicide study

UN study shows violence in Central and South America put region in top spot; Honduras has world's highest rate.

Humanitarian crises

Asia's largest retailer joins safety pact

Fast Retailing joins 85 others in garment-factory safety pledge in response to Bangladesh textile disaster.