Davinder Kumar


Africa's disabled cursed by apathy and abuse

UN promised to improve the rights of the disabled, but many in West Africa are still abused and ignored.


Fighting female genital mutilation in Africa

More than 100 million girls have suffered genital 'cutting' to save family honour.


Stripped bare: India's 'dancing girls'

International Women's Day brings little succour for those who work in strip dance companies in state of Andhra Pradesh.

US & Canada

One billion raise a stink

Sanitation is not merely a development wish list, but a fundamental requirement that directly affects people's survival.

Latin America

The cost of machismo on 'honeymoon island'

Despite the image of a nation of peaceful sandy beaches, women in the Dominican Republic face a violent daily reality.

Humanitarian crises

Japan's recovery will be a test of mind

The psychological impact of the triple disaster in 2011 is beginning to surface.


Stateless finally arrive on the world political map

The political drive to tackle statelessness has finally found a foothold on the global platform, writes the author.


Philippines' tribes try to save their forest

Mangyans fear mining companies will usurp their ancestral land.


No child born to die

Save the Children's call to mobilise global vaccinations provides hope to millions of children, but obstacles remain.