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Drugs and bullets in Myanmar

As more people in Kachin fall victim to drug abuse, Christian group Pat Jasan is taking matters into its own hands.

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Oldham's 'Chai ladies' tackle racism after Brexit

A group of women who came together to promote inclusivity in a town troubled by racism say they now face bigger hurdles.

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Oldham: Uniting across racial divides to fight poverty

Fifteen years after riots pitted communities against each other, poverty is uniting residents of this English town.

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Britain's benefit sanctions: 'You're not even human'

How sanctions on the UK's unemployed are creating an impoverished and desperate underclass.


In Pictures: Lebanon's dying fishing industry

Plagued by pollution, over-fishing and rapid development along the coast, Lebanon's fishermen struggle to make a living.

Humanitarian crises

In Pictures: Lebanon's land mine survivors

While unexploded land mines still pepper many areas of Lebanon, amputees are rebuilding their lives.

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In Pictures: Reaching out to Vrindavan widows

In break from tradition, activists are training women seen as burden in textile and other craft production.