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David Mercer

Latin America

Venezuelans protest over food shortages and inflation

More anti-government protests in Venezuela have been broken up by security forces on Saturday. Opposition politicians called for a march to protest against food shortages in the crisis-stricken country.

Latin America

Venezuela crisis : Senior citizens hit the worst

As the political and economic situation becomes increasingly volatile in Venezuela, senior citizens are suffering the most, Nine out of 10 Venezuelans aren't earning enough to cover their basic needs, and 63 percent do not have health insurance.

Latin America

Venezuela protests intensify, more flee country as crisis deepens

Venezuela’s opposition has called for more anti-government protests on Wednesday, the same day that leaders of the Organization of American States meet in Washington, DC, to discuss the economic and political crises in Venezuela.

Latin America

Guatemala: US woman acquitted of human trafficking charges

Nancy Bailey, 64, was accused of falsifying identity documents and DNA samples of three Guatemalan children who were adopted by people in the United States.

Latin America

Drug dealers blamed for Guatemala national park's fires

Drug traffickers and other criminal groups are being blamed for setting fire to protected tropical forests in northern Guatemala. They are clearing the land for illegal cattle ranching and to make landing strips for US-bound cocaine shipments.

Latin America

Undocumented Guatemalan workers in US support families back home

More than a million Guatemalans are working in the US, most of them without documents. The billions of dollars they send back each year are a vital source of income in a country where more than half the people live in poverty.

Latin America

Anger as Guatemala plans to close private children’s shelter

Guatemala's government has a legal battle on its hands after it announced plans to close a private children's shelter. It comes just weeks after a backlash over a fire at a government-run home, which killed 41 teenage girls.

Latin America

Mexico: Two entrepreneurs find a way to fight pollution

It's the fifth-largest city in the world, and the sheer volume of people living in Mexico City means it's no stranger to high levels of air pollution. Now, two entrepreneurs are hoping to change that by converting a petrol-powered car to electric.

Latin America

Pizzeria helps the homeless in Mexico City

In Mexico City, a pizzeria is drawing praise for its unique approach to social empowerment. For every five pieces of pizza sold, the shop donates one to homeless people.

Latin America

Mexico City hit hard by water shortages

More than two million people have been affected by water shortages across Mexico's capital.

Latin America

Guatemala shelter fire: Victims’ families demand answers

Grieving parents in Guatemala are demanding answers after a fire ripped through a government-run shelter for underprivileged children, killing at least 34 teenage girls.


How Panama is saving the world's frogs

A state-of-the-art laboratory allows researchers to look at ways to protect the amphibians from deadly fungus.