Daniel Lak

"Daniel Lak is the Canada correspondent for Al Jazeera English since January 2012. Previously, he worked for the BBC in South Asia from 1992 to 2004, based in Pakistan, India and Nepal. He was in Kabul for three weeks after the Taliban took the city in September, 1996.

In 2001, his reporting for BBC radio on the Gujarat earthquakes earned him a nomination for the One World broadcasting award for developmental journalism.

Returning to North America in 2005, he worked for the BBC, CBC and other media outlets covering Haiti, New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, military commissions at Guantanamo Bay, Mexican general elections, the Caribbean and a range of stories in Washington, DC. "

Middle East

Canada: Quebec maple syrup producers facing huge fines

Maple syrup is an occasional treat for most people. Canada's Quebec province produces 80 percent of the syrup consumed around the world, largely through a strict system of quotas and price controls.

US & Canada

Canada aims to legalise recreational use of marijuana

Country looks set to join growing list of nations and US states that allow legal, recreational use of cannabis.

US & Canada

Fentanyl crisis: Canada communities respond to overdose deaths

The synthetic opioid drug fentanyl is causing thousands of overdose deaths across North America. As Canada’s authorities struggle to respond to the wave of deaths, drug users and their supporters are taking action.

US & Canada

Canada sees surge in border crossings from US

The number of refugees crossing into Canada from the US has soared since late last year. Many say they are fleeing a climate of fear in the US.

US & Canada

Fossils show life on Earth four billion years ago

An international team of scientists has discovered what they say appear to be fossils of bacteria from nearly four billion years ago. It's far earlier than organic life was thought to have evolved on Earth.


Protesters leave Standing Rock amid stark winter conditions

The tribal chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux, David Archambault, told protesters to go home, but some campers still insist that they will stay on until the pipeline company calls off the project.

US & Canada

Standing Rock: Thousands rejoice as army denies pipeline permit

Celebrations marking the ruling continue as many worry government will overrule the army's decision.


Dakota pipeline protesters dig in for winter

Anti-pipeline demonstrators start to erect permanent encampments as war veterans arrive and winter chill starts to bite.

US & Canada

The uncertain future of Canada's wildfire diaspora

Over 80,000 Fort McMurray residents have been forced to flee their houses and nobody knows what they will come back to.


Battling superbugs: Cave bacteria could hold the answer

Scientists are searching underground in Canada's Rocky Mountains for alternatives to cure infectious bacteria.


Trudeau and Obama, enjoy it while you can

Living close to the United States is like "sleeping with an elephant".


Will Americans really migrate to Canada if Trump wins?

Website started as a joke to encourage US migrants to move north is inundated as real estate tycoon soars in the polls.