Dalia Hatuqa


Ruling on West Bank settlement wines stirs debate

Canada's food inspection agency will continue labelling wines made in illegal settlements as "Products of Israel".

War & Conflict

Timeline: Al-Aqsa Mosque

A review of the critical events that have marked the history of al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.


BDS activists defy US moves to curb Palestine advocacy

As more states pass bills targeting the movement to boycott Israel, analysts believe such measures could backfire.

Muslim Ban

Stranded: Nowhere to go after Trump's Muslim ban

We hear the stories of a Syrian refugee, a Sudanese doctor and an Iranian artist unable to reach or return to the US.

Middle East

Tech in Palestine: 'Virtual market has no checkpoints'

West Bank firm Mashvisor has become the first Palestinian company accepted into prestigious Silicon Valley seed fund.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro: The Palestinian connection

The deceased Cuban leader and PLO chief Yasser Arafat enjoyed close relations and shared anti-imperialist ideology.

Arts & Culture

Museum sheds light on African American history

Washington, DC museum confronts US slavery history while highlighting African American culture

Middle East

The dolls that defend Palestinian culture

Despite having her toy factory raided by Israeli forces, Hilana Abu Sharifeh will not give up on Yasser and Zeina.

US Elections 2016

Hillary Clinton accepts Democratic Party nomination

Hillary Clinton seeks to heal rifts within her own party as she formally accepts the Democratic presidential nomination.

US Elections 2016

Raising the Palestinian cause at the DNC

"The issue is getting more media exposure, more people are aware ... we are on the brink of changing ... policy stands."

US Elections 2016

DNC 2016: What do Bernie Sanders' supporters want?

Sanders' followers are having a hard time believing that he has lost, and Hillary Clinton does not seem like a legitimate alternative.

US Elections 2016

Muslims at the DNC: Taking a stand against Islamophobia

Muslim leaders urge members of their community to use their vote to challenge rising Islamophobia and to 'defeat hate'.