D. Parvaz

D. Parvaz is senior producer for the Human Rights section at Al Jazeera English, where she commissions pieces and reports extensively on the MENA region and Asia, especially Egypt, Libya and Afghanistan. Her work includes coverage of US Constitutional issues and the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disasters in Japan. She's been previously based in Tokyo, London and New York. 

Human Rights

Journalists allege threat of drone execution by US

Fearing assassination, Al Jazeera's Ahmad Zaidan and independent journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem file US legal complaint.


UK think-tank probed for accepting secret Bahrain funds

Questions raised about independence of International Institute of Strategic Studies after multimillion-dollar deal.

Human Rights

A hard winter: Afghan refugees return from Pakistan

Two million more refugees are expected to return to a country mired in violence and braced for a bitter winter.

US Elections 2016

'Confusing system': Afghans on US presidential results

Afghans react to Trump's victory after a bitter, protracted campaign.

US Elections 2016

Afghans weigh in on US presidential candidates

For Afghanistan, Hilary Clinton is a known entity while Donald Trump is either a 'nightmare' or potential change agent.


Bomb blast in Kabul wounds two security forces

Magnetic "sticky bomb" planted under a military vehicle detonates near education ministry in the Afghan capital.

US Elections 2016

Progress and regress: Obama's mixed Afghanistan legacy

Recent increase in attacks by the Taliban and ISIL have compromised advances in rights, Afghans say.

Human Rights

Q&A Mary Lawlor: Defending the rights defenders

The founder of Front Line Defenders discusses the state of human rights today and defending those who protect them.

Human Rights

Mosul battle creates competing IDP and refugee crises

In fight to retake Mosul, some fear Syrian refugee funding might fade as focus shifts to internally displaced Iraqis.

Human Rights

Combating domestic violence in Iraq's Kurdish region

Faced with tough choices and social pressures, some women in the region are paying the ultimate price.

Human Rights

Yazidis hope to rescue ISIL-held family members

Yazidi families hoping to free relatives from ISIL fighters face grim prospects as the battle for Mosul nears.

Human Rights

Iraqi Kurdistan: Everything is all right - everyone is ISIL

Beneath the calm in the Kurdish region is a deep well of suspicion as the looming battle for Iraq's Mosul fast approaches.