Cooper Inveen

Sierra Leone

Opioids: Sierra Leone's newest public health emergency

Opiate addiction has become increasingly common in Sierra Leone, where there are few avenues for drug rehabilitation.

Human Rights

Prepare the gallows: Sierra Leone and the death penalty

For the first time since its civil war, Sierra Leone might be about to execute someone.


Did the world fail Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone?

David Nyorkor lost his family to Ebola and his leg to a misdiagnosis in a hospital overwhelmed by the epidemic.


Child prisoners: 'I don't want to come out a monster'

Sierra Leone's child prisoners share their stories.


The forgotten child prisoners of Sierra Leone

Child inmates are left to languish in prison with no visitors or legal assistance as many wait years for a trial.


The case of Sierra Leone's missing ambulances

Despite vehicle donations and purchases during the Ebola epidemic, many patients still struggle to reach a hospital.