Claire Thomas


Mobile courts give hope to displaced Iraqis

The courts offer assistance in obtaining essential civil identification documents for families who have fled ISIL.

Battle for Mosul

Fighting the flames of ISIL in Iraq

Firefighters are still working to extinguish the oil wells torched by ISIL as the group retreated from Qayyara.

Human Rights

The forgotten generations: Palestinian refugees in Iraq

Palestinians in Iraq face an uncertain future with little hope of escaping life as stateless refugees.

Battle for Mosul

Iraqi Christians return to ISIL's wreckage

Iraqi forces retook Qaraqosh from ISIL late last year, but for residents finally returning home, the ordeal continues.

War & Conflict

An oasis of peace for Palestinian children in Hebron

Amid a heavy Israeli military presence, al-Ibrahimiya kindergarten offers children a safe space 'just to be kids'.