Christopher True

Christopher True is an editor for the Al Jazeera English website



'Tsar' Putin quick to reassert authority

As protesters gathered to demonstrate against president's election victory, authorities were leaving nothing to chance.


Russian voters discuss presidential election

Moscow residents tell Al Jazeera which candidates they preferred in the poll for next leader of the nation.


Moscow's Syrians eye post-election change

Opposition members hope a victory for Vladimir Putin will allow him to reconsider policy towards Damascus.


Russia's aspirational voters look to Prokhorov

In a country where corruption is endemic, many supporters see billionaire presidential candidate as "honest".


'Ghost villages' haunt Russian vote

With a male life expectancy of 62 and a shrinking population, Russia's demographic decline has become an election issue.


Candidates exploit nationalism in Russia poll

Several candidates running for Russia's presidential election are seeking to exploit growing nationalistic sentiments.


Moscow protesters explain their positions

Protesters at pro-Putin and opposition rallies tell Al Jazeera what they hope to achieve.

Russian Elections

Russia gears up for 'dirty campaign'

With little changed since December's disputed poll, the advantages appear stacked in favour of a Putin presidency.

Al Jazeera Top 10 Of The Year

The news our readers loved

The top read news stories of 2010 show our readers are still drawn to what we do best, delivering hard-hitting news.


Interview: Iranian blogger

Potkin Azarmehr tells Al Jazeera that media reports on Iran are the 'tip of the iceberg'.


What direction will Obama take?

Ex-UK ambassador to US, economics professor and Republican on the new president.

1967 - 40 Years of Occupation

Israel's army forgets 1967 lessons

Hezbollah inherits successful tactics of 1967 as Israeli military loses its way.