Christopher Sheridan


Five things to know about Donald Trump's European tour

What to expect during the US president's second foreign trip to Europe this week.


Donald Trump's growing list of secretary of state finalists

Supporters call on Trump to not pick Romney as list of possible picks for the important post gets longer.

US Elections 2016

Convention diary: Trying to get guests at the RNC

Al Jazeera producer meets the reality of the US election discontent towards those "outside".

United States

Arrests in US as hundreds protest big money in politics

Police arrest dozens as about 500 people hold sit-in outside US Congress to highlight corporate influence in politics.


Genetically engineered salmon faces upstream battle

Despite approval from safety regulators, major US retailers are reluctant to put the fish on their shelves.

Science & Technology

3D-printed car brings hope of a car industry revolution

US firm hopes that by 2017, buyers will be able to go online, customise their car and have it printed in just 44 hours.


Starbucks ends conversations before it begins

Decision by coffee chain to end "Race Together" campaign on racism and racial issues sparks debate.

Human Rights

The unsung American heroes of Selma

Pastor recalls a tragedy in Alabama that helped spark pivotal African- American rights movement.


Critics challenge US plans for the TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership could block access to much-needed medicine for the world's poorest people, opponents say.