Chris Stein

Arts & Culture

Is Nigeria's Brazilian heritage under threat?

Established by former slaves, residents of the Brazilian quarter of Lagos face a battle against the bulldozers.


Nigerian military's losing Boko Haram battle

Poor equipment, leadership and tactics hamper Nigeria's fight against hard-line Islamist fighters.


Child marriage and murder in Nigeria

African nation has the third-highest number of child brides globally with 39 percent of girls married off before age 18.

Central African Republic

For the Muslims of CAR, it's 'leave or die'

Thousands of Muslims in the Central African Republic have fled as UN chief warns of 'ethno-religious cleansing'.


Ghana peacekeepers remember Rwanda's genocide

Without weapons, Ghana's peacekeepers saved many Rwandans through negotiations alone.


Climate change threatens Ghana's coast

Coastal erosion has forced a town of thousands to flee into a swampy, trash-filled area.


Inside Ghana's electronic wasteland

Dangerous practice of burning electronic waste to extract metals could be made safely obsolete.