Chris Sheridan

Donald Trump

7 things learned from James Comey testimony

Former FBI director reveals new information during Senate intelligence committee testimony over firing by Trump.

United States

Donald Trump's budget losers

The US military, veterans, a border wall, and space exploration all stand to gain from 10-year budget - but plenty to lose out as well.

Middle East

The Donald Trump trip: 5 things to know

US president embarks on hectic nine-day tour of the Middle East and Europe with controversy likely to be close behind.


Trump's Russia mess: Five things to know

To avoid getting lost in the reports of links between Trump associates and Russia, read this.


The Obamacare debate is not just about healthcare

Lawmakers' battle over healthcare laws in the United States is also a debate about the core values of America.


Trump's wiretapping claims revive deep state theory

Some on the US right believe that ex-White House officials are trying to undermine President Donald Trump's government.


Jake Turx, Jewish reporter, reflects on clash with Trump

Jake Turx drew the president's anger after he tried to ask a question about anti-Semitic attacks in the US.

US Elections 2016

Clinton v Trump: States to watch on November 8

Five battleground states are key to watch as US election results start trickling in on Tuesday.

US Elections 2016

Why Donald Trump draws crowds, Hillary Clinton doesn't

Some analysts believe many are simply reluctant to admit they're on Hillary Clinton's side.

US Elections 2016

Michelle Obama for president?

First lady takes on increasingly political role, raising suspicion - and hope - that she might one day run for office.

US Elections 2016

Is Arizona the new election battleground?

The Clinton campaign tries to make inroads in the state that has voted Republican since 1996.

US Elections 2016

Bernie supporters jump on board the Hillary train

Hillary Clinton teams up with her former rival for the Democratic nomination to win support of young voters.